How To Block Someone On LinkedIn? A Complete Guide 2024

How To Block Someone On LinkedIn A Complete Guide 2024
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Feeling overwhelmed by unwanted content flooding your LinkedIn feed? Wondering how some users manage to post so frequently using a LinkedIn scheduler?

Or perhaps you’ve encountered profiles that make you cringe instead of fostering professional connections.

Whatever the reason, blocking someone on LinkedIn is a viable option, and I’m here to walk you through the process like a tech-savvy friend.

Think of it as hitting the “mute” button on someone’s career updates – once blocked, they won’t be able to view your profile, and you won’t see theirs.

Are those awkward “like” notifications? Poof, they’re gone. Ready to regain control of your LinkedIn experience? Let’s dive into how to block someone on LinkedIn!

how to block someone on LinkedIn? – What You Need to Know

Blocking someone on LinkedIn effectively restricts their ability to connect with you, view your profile, or engage with your content.

This feature serves as a valuable tool for maintaining a positive and professional online environment. However, it’s essential to exercise caution when adding individuals to your network by thoroughly reviewing their profiles, scrutinizing their LinkedIn headlines, and assessing their interactions. This helps gauge their suitability for your professional circle.

What happens when you block someone on LinkedIn? - Abound | Podcast Production Made Easy

Blocking on LinkedIn empowers users to curate a secure and productive networking experience aligned with their career objectives.

While networking forms the backbone of LinkedIn, the blocking feature establishes essential boundaries, enabling users to cultivate a meaningful professional presence.

Can You Block People? how to block someone on LinkedIn?

Often, users encounter profiles they wish to block after interacting with them, without necessarily revisiting their profile later.

Regrettably, it’s not possible to block someone on LinkedIn without first visiting their profile. However, LinkedIn does offer the option to remove your name from their “Who’s viewed your profile” list, ensuring they do not receive notifications about your profile visit.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Linked In?

Aspect Effect
Connection Removal Immediate removal from each other’s connections.
Profile Visibility Profiles are hidden from each other, although public interactions or shared group activity may remain visible.
Messaging Restriction Deletion of existing messages; inability to send new messages.
Content Interaction Inability to like, comment, or share posts; absence of engagement from the blocked person.
Profile Update Notifications No notification of being blocked; potential realization upon attempting to visit the profile.

How to block someone on LinkedIn and Unblock on LinkedIn

If you’re wondering how to block someone on LinkedIn? without them knowing or how to block someone on LinkedIn, you’ll find a detailed yet simple guide below.

Block Someone on LinkedIn: Step-by-Step Guide

  1.     Visit the Profile: Locate the profile of the person you want to block. You can search for their name in the LinkedIn search bar.
  2.     More Button: Once you’re on their profile, find the three dots (More button) next to the “Connect” button. A dropdown menu will appear. Choose the “Block” option.
  3.     Select An Option: Choose the block option from the list.
  4.     Confirm Block: LinkedIn will ask you to confirm your decision. Confirm, and the person will be blocked. Additionally, if someone is being inappropriate by creating multiple profiles to bother you after you’ve blocked them, contact LinkedIn Customer Service immediately. This situation requires special attention, and they can assist you throughout the process.

The Simple Process of Unblocking on LinkedIn

Unblocking someone on LinkedIn is just as straightforward as blocking them. Here’s how to unblock a person:

  1.     Go to Settings: Click on your profile picture on your LinkedIn homepage and select “Settings.”
  2.     Go to Visibility: Within the “Settings & Privacy” tab, locate the “Visibility” section.
  3.     Select Blocking: Under “Blocking and Hiding,” choose the option “Blocking.”
  4.     Locate the Person to Unblock: You’ll see a list of people you’ve blocked. Find the person you want to unblock.
  5.     Click on “Unblock”: Next to their name, click on the “Unblock” button.
  6.     Confirm Your Decision: LinkedIn will ask you to confirm. Confirm, and you’re done!

Blocking Without Viewing Profiles: Is It Possible?

Currently, LinkedIn does not provide a direct method for users to block someone without visiting their profile. To block a member, you must navigate to their profile and use the block button. However, LinkedIn does remove your name from the list of people who have viewed their profile.

how to block someone on LinkedIn Company Page?

Unfortunately, you cannot block individuals from accessing a LinkedIn company page since these pages are public. Unlike personal profiles, LinkedIn Pages are accessible to all users, regardless of their relationship with the company.


While blocking is not an option for company pages, there are alternative methods to manage problematic interactions:

  1.     Reporting Comments and Reshares: If someone posts inappropriate comments or shares content in a harmful manner, you can report them directly to LinkedIn for review and potential removal. Access the “Report” option by clicking the three dots (…) next to their comment or reshare.
  2.     Hiding or Deleting Comments: Although you cannot block users, you have the option to hide or delete their comments. This action removes the comments from public view and maintains a positive image for your company.
  3.     Restricting Content Visibility: LinkedIn allows you to control who sees your company page updates. You can choose to share updates only with followers, employees, or specific groups within the company, offering some control over your audience.
  4.     Utilizing Community Management Tools: Consider using third-party community management tools such as Sprout Social or Hootsuite. These platforms often offer advanced features like keyword moderation, allowing you to automatically hide comments containing specific flagged words or phrases.
  5.     Addressing the Issue Directly: Sometimes, directly addressing the problematic user may be effective. Politely explain that their behavior is unwelcome and reiterate your community guidelines.

Top 5 Reasons for Blocking Someone on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is known for fostering positive and meaningful connections, but there are instances where blocking becomes necessary to protect one’s online well-being and professional image. Here are five key reasons why someone might choose to block another user on LinkedIn:

  1.  Harassment and Abuse: Unfortunately, online platforms can attract individuals who engage in inappropriate or harmful behavior. Blocking someone who harasses you through messages, comments, or public posts is crucial to stop the abuse and regain control. This includes unsolicited messages with sexual undertones, discriminatory remarks, or personal attacks, all of which violate LinkedIn’s community guidelines and warrant reporting alongside blocking the user.
  2. Unprofessional Conduct: While free speech is valued, there are limitations on professional platforms. Blocking someone who consistently shares offensive content, promotes illegal activities, or disregards professional etiquette helps create a healthier online environment. This could include promoting conspiracy theories, spreading misinformation, or using aggressive language in discussions, all of which can damage your professional reputation.
  3.  Constant Spam and Solicitation: While networking is encouraged, persistent unsolicited offers or self-promotional messages can become intrusive. Blocking someone who bombards you with messages promoting unrelated products or services, or persistently requests favors without building a genuine connection, offers a clear solution. This also applies to inappropriate job offers or career advice requests that exceed reasonable boundaries.
  4.  Disruptive Connections: Maintaining certain connections can be detrimental to your professional persona. Blocking individuals who consistently share harmful or controversial content associated with your profile, engage in unproductive arguments, or exhibit behavior that reflects poorly on your network allows you to distance yourself from negative associations and curate a more positive online image.
  5. Maintaining Personal Boundaries: While professional networking is crucial, it’s important to maintain healthy boundaries. Blocking someone who crosses these boundaries by sharing personal information without consent, making unwanted personal remarks, or using the platform for inappropriate communication helps preserve your privacy and comfort level.

Blocking someone on LinkedIn is a self-protective measure aimed at creating a more positive and productive online experience. However, it’s important to consider alternate solutions and address issues directly before resorting to blocking. Reporting users who violate community guidelines is crucial in holding them accountable and protecting others.

Ultimately, the decision to block someone on LinkedIn is personal. By understanding the reasons behind blocking, users can navigate the digital landscape with clarity and safeguard their online experience.

LinkedIn Blocking Etiquette:

On LinkedIn, where professionals connect online, it’s crucial to understand the proper use of the blocking feature. Blocking helps establish boundaries and maintains a respectful environment. However, there are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind for proper etiquette.

Dos Don’ts
Use Blocking for Unprofessional Behavior: Avoid Publicizing Blocks:
If someone is behaving inappropriately, it’s okay to use the blocking feature. Keep your blocks private, and don’t announce them publicly.
Talk Directly to the Person: Stay Away from Arguments:
Before blocking, consider having a direct conversation with the person about the issue. Refrain from getting into arguments, especially in public spaces.
Don’t Block for Every Small Issue:
Reserve blocking for more serious situations, and don’t use it for minor disagreements.

Final Thoughts About how to block someone on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn serves as an excellent platform for professionals to connect and thrive. As you navigate through it, it’s important to consider features like blocking thoughtfully. Maintaining politeness and respectfulness online is crucial for both you and the individuals you interact with.

By using LinkedIn in a friendly and appropriate manner, you contribute to the creation of a

positive community where professionals can forge meaningful connections, cultivate valuable relationships, and create opportunities for success together.

As we wrap up this guide on how to block someone on LinkedIn, remember the significance of being friendly, and professional, and fostering genuine connections.


1. How to block someone on LinkedIn Without Them Knowing?

You can block someone on LinkedIn by visiting their profile, clicking the three dots beside their profile picture, and selecting “Block or Report.” This action prevents them from viewing your profile and messaging you without notification.

2. How Do You Know if Someone Has Blocked You on LinkedIn?

 If you’ve been blocked by someone on LinkedIn, attempting to visit their profile will display a message stating it’s unavailable. Additionally, any messages you’ve sent will remain in the “Sent” status, indicating they haven’t been read.

3. Is It Better to how to block someone on LinkedIn or Remove them?

Blocking is preferable as it prevents all contact, including profile viewing and messaging. On the other hand, removing someone allows them to still see your public profile. Ultimately, the decision depends on the situation and your preferences.


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