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When encountering an iOS device displaying messages like “iPhone Unavailable” or “Security Lockout” on the lock screen, along with a prompt directing to “,” it typically indicates a passcode issue.

In this scenario, if you’re facing the dilemma of a locked iPhone, particularly an iPhone 13 belonging to my spouse, showing the message “iPhone unavailable, try again in 1 minute,” it can be frustrating. Despite attempting to resolve the problem by rebooting the device, the issue persists, leaving you wondering how to rectify the situation without risking the loss of precious photos stored on the device.

This article aims to provide clarity on the implications of these messages and offer effective solutions to unlock the iPhone without compromising your cherished photo memories. 

Understanding ‘’ Message

If you encounter the message “” on your iOS device’s lock screen, it signifies that you’ve entered an incorrect passcode multiple times. This triggers the security protocols of your iPhone, rendering it temporarily unusable.

1. Limitations on Passcode Attempts

Every user is granted 10 attempts to input the correct passcode before the iPhone becomes permanently disabled. Regrettably, there’s no method to extend this limit. Following the fifth unsuccessful passcode entry, the iPhone locks with a timer. Subsequent failed attempts prolong the duration of unavailability.

2. Potential Causes of Unusual Behavior

Should your device exhibit this behavior without any erroneous passcode entries or if the timer fails to count down, it could indicate an underlying iPhone malfunction, such as a SIM card issue. Some users have reported resolving similar issues by allowing the iPhone to charge and remain untouched, anticipating self-correction.

3. Seeking Assistance from Apple Support

Historically, until iOS 17, recovering or retrieving the passcode on iOS devices was not feasible. Consequently, if you’ve forgotten your iPhone’s passcode, the only recourse is to erase the device. Unfortunately, this may result in permanent loss of crucial data for users without backups.

When confronted with a forgotten passcode, can Apple Support aid in unlocking your iPhone without data loss? Regrettably, this is highly improbable. While Apple Support may assist in guiding you through the unlocking process after verifying your identity, they lack the capability to recover the passcode. Consequently, accessing the data on your device without the correct passcode remains unattainable.

Efficiently Bypassing the ‘’ Screen without Passcode – 4 Easy Steps!

Are you searching for a rapid solution to circumvent the “” screen without knowing the passcode? Look no further than iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius. This reliable and user-friendly unlocker is designed to address a variety of locking issues on iPhone, iPad, iPadOS, and other compatible devices. Offering functionalities to unlock the locked screen, remove Apple ID, bypass screen time passcode, and MDM restrictions, iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius streamlines the unlocking process with ease.

Follow these steps to bypass the screen:

Step 1: Download and install iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius for free on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Launch the software and navigate to its main functions. Select the “Unlock Lock Screen” option.

Step 3: After connecting your iPhone to the computer, click on the “Start” button to confirm your selection for unlocking your device. Proceed by clicking “Next” to load device information.

Step 4: The software will automatically identify your device model and prepare the latest unlocked firmware package tailored for it. Click “Download” to obtain the firmware package. You have the option to choose the path to save the firmware file or download it directly to the default partition of your computer. Step 5: Once everything is prepared, initiate the unlocking process by clicking the “Unlock” button. Await the completion of the process.

Upon successfully removing the “” screen, you regain access to your iPhone. From there, you can proceed to restore its data from backup, ensuring seamless functionality and accessibility.

Unlocking the ‘’ Screen without a Computer:

If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve forgotten your iPhone’s passcode or encounter a message stating that the iPhone is unavailable, you may wonder how to unlock it without a computer. While Apple provides official solutions, they typically require a network connection and the presence of an Apple ID on the device. It’s crucial to remember the details of the Apple ID associated with the device for these methods to work effectively.

Official Methods for Unlocking Without a Computer:

MethodiOS Compatibility
Using iCloudAll iOS
Using the Erase iPhone OptioniOS 15.2 – iOS 16
Using the Forgot Passcode OptioniOS 17

Process#1: Using iCloud [All iOS]:

If the “Find My” feature is enabled on your iPhone, iCloud offers a viable option to remove the “” screen.

1.      Open and sign in to your Apple ID on another device.

2.      Click on the “Find My iPhone” option, select the device, and choose “Erase iPhone.” Enter the Apple ID password to confirm.

3.      Click on “Erase iPhone” again and wait for the reset process to complete. Subsequently, you can unlock the “” screen.

Process#2: Using the Erase iPhone Option [iOS 15.2 – iOS 16]

For devices operating on iOS 15.2 – iOS 16, Apple’s technical team has introduced the “Erase iPhone” option directly on the iPhone lock screen. When prompted with the message “,” users can access this URL for further details or utilize the designated button to unlock the iPhone passcode without the need for a computer.

Key Points to Note:

  • This option requires the iPhone to be signed in with an Apple ID and connected to a valid internet connection. Otherwise, the iPhone may display as unavailable without the erase option.

Steps to Unlock:

1.    After six incorrect passcode attempts, locate the “Erase iPhone” button situated in the lower right corner of the iPhone screen.

2.    Upon tapping the button, the device will provide a reminder that executing this action will erase all content and settings on the iPhone. Proceed by clicking “Erase iPhone.”

3.    Enter your Apple ID password as instructed, and tap “Erase iPhone” once more to initiate the reset process.

Process#3: Using the Forgot Passcode Option [iOS 17]

In iOS 17, the “Erase iPhone” button has been upgraded to a “Forgot Passcode” button, offering the functionality to reset the passcode and erase the iPhone directly from the lock screen. If you forget your newly set passcode within 72 hours of changing it, you can revert to your previous passcode to establish a new one, enabling you to unlock the iPhone without data loss.

Resetting Your Passcode:

1.    Click on “Forgot Passcode.”

2.    Enter your previous passcode.

3.    Create and verify a new passcode.

Erasing Your iPhone:

1.    Tap “Forgot Passcode.”

2.    Select “iPhone Reset.”

3.    Choose “Sign out of Apple ID.”

4.    The “” screen will transition to the iPhone erase screen, indicating the commencement of the factory reset process. Simply await its completion.

Removing the ‘’ Screen via iTunes

When confronted with a security lockout message on your iPhone screen due to a forgotten passcode, utilizing iTunes to restore the device to factory settings can effectively remove the “” screen.

Steps to Remove the Screen:

1Ensure that iTunes on your computer is up-to-date. Put your iPhone in recovery mode and connect it to the computer.
2Upon connecting, iTunes will prompt a message window. Select the “Restore” option, and iTunes will proceed to download the necessary software for your device.
3Maintain the connection between your iPhone and the computer until the iPhone reboots to the boot screen. At this point, the security lock issue on the iPhone will be resolved.


Encountering an iPhone securely locked with a “” prompt is not uncommon. If the solutions offered by Apple prove ineffective, resorting to an iOS unlocker may be the most efficient option to swiftly address the issue of iPhone unavailability. Additionally, regularly backing up your iPhone can serve as a preventive measure against data loss in similar situations in the future.

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